Our Collaborators

1. ChildFund India

ChildFund India exists to help deprived, excluded and vulnerable children have the capacity to improve their lives and the opportunity to become young adults, parents and leaders who bring lasting and positive change in their communities.

We promote communities whose individuals and institutions participate in valuing, protecting and advancing the worth and rights of children.

A member of ChildFund International, ChildFund India has been representing the voice of underserved children in India since 1951. It is the only development organization of its kind that continuously supports children from birth to young adulthood, through unique intervention models designed around a complete life-cycle approach.
The organization’s interventions are aligned with age-specific and contextual needs, based on children’s experiences of deprivation, exclusion and vulnerability. Its work embraces three life stages.

  • Maternal health and early years (age 0-5)
  • Childhood and adolescence (age 6-14)
  • Youth and young adults (age 15-25)

Our signature programs are centered round education, health and livelihoods. Concurrently, it implements several innovative programs that are localized and piloted in target communities, with the aim of rolling them out to scale

ChildFund India’s national office is based in Bengaluru and its program office is  in Delhi. It works in 78 districts across 14 States and 1 Union Territory of India. Implementing programs directly and through NGO partners, it assists more than 1.73 million children, youth and other members in 6,092 communities, covering a population of 2.6 million.
The themes of child protection, gender equity and disaster management are integrated into ChildFund India’s programs.

2. Volkart Foundation Indian Trust

Volkart Foundation was established in 1952 by Volkart Brothers, who had business dealings in India. The four brothers who formed and established the Foundation were Mr. Werner Reinhart, Mr. Peter Reinhart, Mr. Balthasar Reinhart and Mr. George Reinhart.

The four Swiss nationals to mark their presence in the centenary year of their business established the Volkart foundation in Swiss in 1951 and also in India in year 1952. The Foundation started functioning from the year 1953.

Later they invited Indian nationals and inducted them as Trustees of the Foundation in India in 28th May 1975.

3. Manos Unidas

NGO Manos Unidas is the development of the Catholic Church and volunteers working to support the people of the South in their development and awareness of the Spanish population. Our income comes, in 87.1%, private sources and by 12.9% in the public sector.

Both the headquarters of the Central Services such as the 71 delegations Manos Unidas are located in Spain.

4. Bridge Foundation

Bridge Foundation was established in 1984 as a bridge between the Need and the Opportunity for the economically active poor, by encouraging Micro Enterprise Development to enable them to rise above poverty with the support of micro loans and training. The Bridge Foundation believes that self-employment and entrepreneurship is the key factors in transforming individuals and communities Our Micro Enterprise Development (MED) programs address the needs of those in a state of abject poverty, empowering them to reach and maintain a sustainable income and improve living standard.

5. Training for Development Scholarship Society

Training for Development Scholarship Society (TDSS) is a non-profit organization based in Pune, India. TDSS is committed to restoring dignity to human beings deprived of their rights due to prevalent unjust socioeconomic structures. TDSS aims to make both the people and groups effective and self reliant by generating forces within the society for sustaining these initiatives.

6. Kuwait Canara Welfare Association

Kuwait Canara Welfare Association (originally Kanara Catholic Welfare Association) emerged in July 1988, with the sole purpose of helping the neediest children in their education. As the sowed seed started growing into a plant, the strength of KCWA also started increasing and its horizon expanded. In addition to its primary motto “In pursuit of providing education to the poor children”, KCWA also wanted to preserve the Mangalorean culture and keep the Konkani language alive in Kuwait.

7. Andheri-Hilfe Bonn

Andheri-Hilfe Bonn is a free and independent organisation promoting development cooperation in India and Bangladesh. It originated from a private initiative supporting poor children in an orphanage at Andheri near Mumbay (then Bombay). Since 1967 it is registered as a non-profit association.

We are actually supporting more than 150 projects in India and in Bangladesh. Thus, we contribute to the social and economic development of the poorest groups in these countries. The focus of our activities is on social work, education and health as well as agricultural and village development (more about these subjects under “Sectors” and “Target Groups”). In order not to create new dependencies or not to maintain old ones we offer “help for self-help”.

8. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is a Government of India ministry. It is responsible for welfare, social justice, and empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalized sections of society.


SURVIVE-MIVA is a (Roman) Catholic lay Association and UK Registered Charity, founded in Liverpool, UK in 1974. We exist to provide one vital element for successful healthcare and pastoral work that is being being carried out by the Church in areas of great need in Africa, Asia andLatinAmerica.

The funds we receive (voluntary donations from our generous supporters) are converted into grants for all types of transport: this may be a bicycle, a moped, a trail bike, a 4wd ambulance, a pickup, an outboard motor – it is the people on the ground who know what best suits their terrain.

10. Action aid

We’re an international organization, working with over 15 million people in 45 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice. Our head office is in Johannesburg. We’re the only international development organization with our head office based in Africa. We also have offices right across Asia, the Americas and Europe. We believe the people whose lives our work affects should decide how we’re run. And that’s what makes us different. We help people use their own power to fight poverty and injustice. Because that’s how real change happens – for families, for communities, for whole societies.


MISEREOR supports the weakest members of society: the poor, the sick, the hungry and the disadvantaged. It is of no importance whether those in need of help are men or women, what religious beliefs they hold or where they come from. To love one’s neighbour is a basic attitude of Christian life, and MISEREOR’s vocation is to translate this attitude into concrete action; the poor are our sisters and brothers, who have a right to a life of dignity. MISEREOR supports them in realising it. The organisation does not pursue any ends other than the promotion of development. The mandate given to MISEREOR by the German Bishops rules out the promotion of pastoral or missionary measures.

‘Misereor super turbam – I have compassion on the crowd’ (Mk 8.2)

These words of Jesus contained in the Bible gave the organisation its name. Compassion for people in need has remained the defining underlying motivation and characteristic of MISEREOR’s activities to this day.

12. Life Insurance Corporation of India

13. National Insurance Company Limited

14. Well-Wishers and Benefactors