Memorandum and Rules

Name:Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra

Registration: Registered under the Karnataka Registration Acts 1960 as per the Certificate S. No. 38/75/76 dated 21/2/76 issued by the Registrar of Societies, in Karnataka, Bangalore.

Address:  Dayalbagh Ashram, Ujire  P. O. Box 1

South Kanara Dt., Karnataka- 574240

Objects:  The Objects or purposes for which the Society is established are the following:

  1. a) To undertake charitable activities and Social Welfare projects to promote education, vocational or otherwise, Medical Relief and Rural development irrespective of caste and creed.
    b) To engage in charitable and social activities with the objective o improving the living condition of the poor and the other working people the small farmers and landless labourers in particular, irrespective of race, community, caste and creed.
    c) To set up demonstration and model farms for the purpose of educating and training the farmers in modern methods of farming irrespective of race, community, caste and creed.
    d) To set up seed farms and nurseries to provides seeds and plants to the public irrespective of race, community, caste and creed.
    e) To organize and administer a Rural Development Fund from which to assist the small farmers by providing easy credit inputs and other reliefs irrespective of race, community, caste and creed in co-operation with a bank.
    f) To promote deeper spiritual and moral values in personal and community life.
    g) To train and maintain the personnel to be in charge of the different institution the supply of books and literature, furniture and other necessaries incidental to the carrying out of the objects and adoption of other measures and means that may seem good and deeper in the estimate of the Governing Council.
    h) To establish small and cottage industries with a view to provide employment and to supplement and provide the needs of development of the community.
  2. TO ESTABLISH: Conduct, Manage, Promote, Maintain, equip, administer, close down and dispose of schools hostels industrial and social welfare centers orphanages, dispensaries and other related institutions in order to promote the objects of the society.
  3. STAFF: To engage and to remove teachers, instructors, directors, advisors, doctors health visitors, clerical and other society.
  4. TO ACQUIRE: To the same extent as natural persons might or could acquire by purchase lease mortgage, loan, gift, grants, legacy, bequests, exchange, right, privilege, of otherwise from any person, company, society, government or institution, organization or anybody whatsoever movable or immovable properties of all description deemed necessary or useful for purpose of the society.
  5. SUCCESSION: To have perpetual succession by its corporate name.
  6. BUILDINGS: To erect buildings, schools, clubs and bungalows, quarters, for residential, purposes of any other types, of building or structures whatsoever to further any purpose or purposes of the Society and to maintain, deal with manage control administer, develop, improve, alter repair demolish or reconstruct the same or any portion thereof.
  7. GIFTTRUSTS: To take or receive any gifts, whether money of property movable or immovable donations in the form of debentures, stocks, shares, or securities , in any company or society whether incorporated or not or whether by gifts by a person living or by legacy, bequest will or foundation and whether subject to any special trust or mot for any or more of the objects of the society or for works connected there-with and to take such contributions for the funds of the society as from time to time be deemed expedient.
  8. TO ALIENAT: Lay aside, deposit in Bank or otherwise deal with moneys or funds of the society not immediately required for the objects of the society and to subscribe or purchase acquire hold sell endorse and negotiate in every way debentures stocks shares and securities of every description in the money market.
  9. FUNDS: To borrow and to raise funds with or without security in any manner the society may think fit and repay the same.
  10. GRANTS: To negotiate with and enter into arrangement with any Government or authority whether central, state, district, municipal local university or other public or private body as may seen conductive to the promotion or accomplishment of the objects of the recover from any such government or authority or body, such grants, allowances, right, concessions and privileges as may seem to comply with and utilize the same.
  11. INCOME: to use all income from the students by way of fees, boarding, lodging and other institutions and from the property movable or immovable or from works of the society or staff of the schools or institutions as such, wherever derived for the objects o the society as set forth in this memorandum of association, provide that no portion thereof be distributed among its members by way of profits dividends or bonuses.
  12. RESUME: To do or to cause to be done all such acts or things as shall be conducive to the educational, cultural, moral, ethical, civil, patriotic or physical welfare of the schools or institutions provide such things or acts to be not contrary to nor inconsistent with the spirit and principles of law under which this society has been organized and registered.


Fr. Remigius Sequeira Religious President
Fr. Ligoury Noronha Religious Vice President
Fr. J. U. T. Pereira Religious Secretary
Br. Andrew Rebello Religious Treasurer
Br. Cyril Andrade Religious Member
Fr. Vincent Lobo Religious Member
Br. Roudolf D Souza Religious Member
Br. Fabian Serrao Religious Member
Br. Otho Pereira Religious Member
Br. O. Devanand Religious Member
Fr. Eugene Rebello Religious Member
Br. Valerian Religious Member
Br. Alpheus Religious Member

The place at which the society will function shall be “Dayalbagh Ashram”, Ujire P.O. Box 1, S.K. 574240, or such other place and address are the governing Council may determine from time to time and according to the convenience and circumstances.

The Secretary shall be the authorized person to whom any communication may be sent by the Registrar of the societies.

Rules and Regulation of the Society of the


(Capuchin Farmer Service Centre)

Kalmanja Village



a. “Society”, shall mean the “Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra” Kalmanja village, Belthangady Taluk.

b. “Governing Council” shall mean the Governing council of the Society constituted as provided by these the Rules and Regulations.


a. Above the age of eighteen years being members of the Order of the Capuchin Friars Minor.

b. The No. of the members of the Society including the Governing Council shall not be less than The said members shall be admitted by the Governing Council on their written application.


a. All the members of the Society shall be entitled to attend the General meetings of the Society. The General meetings shall be presided over by the President or in his absence by the Vice President. The agenda for a general meeting shall be prepared in advance in a meeting of the Governing Council. Each member attending the general meeting can exercise only one vote at the meeting, but the Presiding Officer can exercise an additional casting vote when there is a tie in the voting

b. THE ANNUAL MEETING:  Shall be held every year before the 15th of March the report of the Governing Council of the Society for the previous year, together with an audited copy of the balance sheet, income and expenditure account and the auditor’s report and the budget for  the ensuing year shall be considered by the meeting.onethird of the total no. of the members or twenty-five members, which-ever is less, shall form the quorum. When there is no quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned to a day when the business on the agenda shall be transacted with the members present.

c. A Special General Meeting: May be held at any time at the request of the President of the Governing Council as per scc.11 (3) of M.S.R. Act.1960

d. Notice of General Meetings: Shall be given to all members in person at least two weeks in advance of the date of such meetings


a. The affairs of the Society shall be managed and administered by a Governing Council consisting of not less than seven members. the seven members first subscribers to the Memorandum of the Society shall be the first seven members of the Governing Council of the seven members, one will be president, one will be the Vice President, one will be the Secretary and another will be the Treasurer. The Governing Council shall meet at least once in three months to transact the business of the Society.

b. Not fewer than seven and not more than eleven members shall be elected to the Governing Council by the members so elected shall choose among them, a President ,a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer .

c. In the event of any vacancy arising among the members of the Governing Council by resignation or death or otherwise ,such vacancy shall be filled-up by the Governing Council from among  the members of the Society within three months from the date of the vacancy arising.

d. Once in every year before 1st of April ,a list shall be filed in the office of the registrar of societies in mysore,Bangalore,of the names,addresses,age and occupations of the members of the Governing Council entrusted with the management of the affairs of the Society together with a copy of the balance sheet and income and expenditure account audited by a person recognized under section 226 of the companies act

e. All properties both moveable and immoveable and all securities belonging to the Society shall vest in the Society by its President and all the properties to be acquired in pursuance of the objects of the Society shall be acquired in the name of the Society by the President


a. Except as hereinafter provided, the administration, management and all the business relating to the affairs of the Society shall be carried on by the Governing Council. the Governing Council shall do and carry out all other acts and deeds conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Society

b. All institutions to be established in furtherance of the objects of the Society shall be under the control,management,guidance and supervision of the Governing Council, who may frame subsidiary rules for the purpose

c. At the all meetings of the Governing Council five members present shall form the necessary quorum the president or in his absence the Vice President shall president over at all meetings all resolutions shall be carried by a majority vote in case of equal division the president or the Vice President who presides who presides shall be entitled to exercise his casting vote.

d. The Secretary of the Society shall in case of an emergency be at liberty to get business transacted by the members of the Governing Council by means of circulars forwarded to the members from time to time.

e. The Governing Council shall be responsible for the proper maintenance and conduct of the Society to be established in furtherance of the objects of the Society.

f. All correspondence and all financial statements and returns required in connection with the management of the Society will be carried on and prepared by the Secretary

g. All legacies, donations and subscriptions shall be paid to Treasurer of the Society whose receipt will be valid and binding on the Society.

h. The Treasurer of the Society shall be entitled with the consent of the President, and in the absence of the President from Dayalbagh, with the consent of the Vice President to transact all business in connection with the purchase and sale of all securities shares, debentures and stocks as may be necessary in the interest of the Society. All transactions in the banks shall be operated on cheques to be signed by any two of the president, Secretary and Treasurer.

i. All documents relating to the immovable properties or to any loans secured or obtained by the Society  shall be executed for  and on  behalf  of the Society by the president  or in his absence from the country, by the Vice President

6) For the purpose of section 15 of the Karnataka Societies Registration act, 1960 the principal Secretary or the director, Dayalbagh Ashram shall be the person who may sue or be  sued on behalf of the Society

7) The calendar year will be the official year of the Society

8) The working hours of the Society will be from 10.30A.M to 12.30 P.M and from 4.30P.M to 5.30PM., on all days except Sundays and holidays.


      1)  The Governing Council of the Society shall keep at the registered office of the Society or at such other places in the state, as the Governing Council thinks fit, proper books of accounts with  respect to :-

           a. All the sales and purchases of goods by the Society.

           b. All sums of money received and expended by the Society and matters in respect of                  which the receipt and expenditure take place.

           c. The assets and liabilities of the Society.

         2) Every balance sheet of the Society shall give a true and fair view of the state of the   affairs of the Society as at the end of the calendar year and every income and expenditure account shall give a true and fair view of the excess of income over  expenditure or excess of expenditure over income of the Society for the calendar year and same will be field with the registrar of societies in accordance with section 13 of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960


Any alteration of the memorandum of Association shall be in accordance with the provisions contained in section 9 of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act1960.


Any change of name, rules and regulations shall be in accordance with the provisions contained in section 10 of the Karnataka Societies Registration Ac 1960.


In case of dissolution of the Society at any time, the net funds of the Society after meeting all the debts shall be disposed of in accordance with the provisions of sections 22 and 23 of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960.