AshaKiran Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts


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Treatment Modality:

  1. Staff:

            Well equipped and qualified and experienced staff renders their valuable service even though some of them have not received their remuneration for the last two years, due to the delay in grants. The inmates who come for the treatment reap the total benefits from their services.(photo)

  1. Information and Intake Programme:

          The recovered addict is best resource of information. He or she leading a sober life, is witness and make propaganda about treatment available in centre. Moreover, during the de-addiction camps and awareness programme, basic information regarding the centre, treatment modality and implications, time table, the free benefits everything is made known.

            Discerning the physical condition of the addict, with proper consent of both addict and person responsible the management decides to admit the addict for the treatment. Here we follow the guidelines of MSJE and RRTC and also bring to the awareness of the party of their rights and duties, and also signing the declaration cum indemnity form.

  1. Detoxification:

          This is first stage of treatment last for a week. Here we give importance to good food and sound sleep. Those who develop the withdrawal symptoms are closely monitored by the medical staff. If the addicts is having medical complications or during the detoxing period needs higher or hospital treatment, with collaboration of the family members we provide the medical assistance. When the addict fit for the rehabilitation, we re-admit him to the centre.

  1. Re-educative Programme:

            The re-educative sessions are conducted everyday regarding wholesome health, especially ill-effects of addiction on total health. The time table is displayed as per the topics to resource person. These are topics given importance on priority wise: Addiction- a disease, importance of food and sleep, Pros and cons of addiction, physical and medical complication, denial, self esteem, children of addicts, Dry drunk syndrome, methods to maintain sobriety, need of follow -up, relapse prevention, time and financial management , loss and grief, family life, work ethics, dealing with anger, tensions, stressful situation, whole person recovery and decision making..etc

  1. Group Therapy and Dynamics:

            Group therapy and Dynamics followed immediately after the re-educative session.  Every individual is given an opportunity to express their views and feelings. Individual participation by venting out feelings and sharing is giving importance. These are great help towards healing and freshness of life. It infuses in them some confidence and energy.

  1. Spiritual Dimensions:

          Each and every individual is given freedom to express their faith and recourse to God. They are guided to their spiritual journey by insisting Yoga and prayer and meditation every day morning and evening. This spiritual relaxation helps them to integrate themselves as sober persons by seeking Devine blessings.

  1. AA Meetings:

          The concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous are explained to the addicts in detail and along with that a kind of orientation to this is provided once in fortnight. Occasionally when the AA members come to the centre we conduct meetings. We insist the patients to attend these meetings regularly after the treatment. Linkage is provided to enroll themselves to local groups in and around their native place.

  1. Counseling and Family Interventions:

            The role and responsibility of the family members plays a major part in treatment of substance abuse.  This family support system is provided to each of the addict who come here.  Besides individual counseling, family counseling is done simultaneously. The family members or responsible persons are invited to the centre on the convenient and are enlighten regarding repercussions of the alcoholic disease and their role to fight against it. They are taught coping-up skills and strategies.

  1. Other co-related Therapies:

          Besides the routine and regular activities we also give utmost importance to indoor and outdoor games, Art therapy such as music, singing and dance, occasionally stage programmes to instill confidence to face public, weeping and laughing and clapping therapies. These are very much essential to divert their attention from old self. It makes a lot difference in their attitude towards life and they are in a position to re-organize their life.

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