Cluster meeting – Bangady

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Vimukti Self Help Group Trust, Dayalbagh Rural Development Program, cluster meet was held at Bangady on 14-1-2017. Bangady Cluster consists of seven Self Help Groups. Meeting began with a Prayer Song. Mrs Kavith welcomed all with a bouquet of flowers to all the office bearers.  Then Ms. Rohini the Supervisor gave an introductory talk which followed by reports of all the groups. A brief evaluation was held on the same. At the end new office bearers were chosen unanimously.

New team

President: Ms Gopi

Vice- President: Ms. Kavitha

Secretary: Ms. Anamma

Joint- Secretary: Ms. Wilma

Treasurer: Ms. Shalini

Members: Ms. Ramakka, Ms. Sumati

All the new office bearers were briefed about their duties. There was 96% attendance. Ms Githa anchored the meeting Ms. Rajani gave the vote of thanks. Fr. Rohan Lobo the assistant Director of CKSK Vimukti Ujire was present along with Ms. Mohini staff member.

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