Book Writers Training

Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra ®

Vimukti, Banakal

Mudigere Taluk, Chikmagalur

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Training on Book Keeping:

Capuchin Krishika Seva Kendra ®, Vimukti, Banakal organized Book Keeping Training on 14th November 2016 in Banakal Vimukti Office for the SHG members. 30 SHG members from Mangala, Sahana, Sangama, Sathya, Sannidhi, Tulasi, Shreyas, Suraksha, Sinchana, Sneha SHGs participated in the Training. Ms. Athmiya D.P., the staff member of Vimukti, Banakal was the resource person.

Expected result:

-After these trainings the SHGs develop the sense of Book writing.

-The SHGs carry out the transactions by themselves.

-The SHGs understand the need of writing all the books in a proper way.

Outcome of the Training:

The Book writers agreed to write all the books regularly.

-The Books of the SHGs will be up to date.

-The participants learnt to write the books of the SHGs in a proper way.

-The participants understood how to write the different books of the SHG.

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