Annual Day Celebration

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Asha Kiran- Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for the Addicts celebrated its 15th annual day on 13th November 2016.  The celebration was simple, moderate and frugal due to the sudden financial crisis of demonetization.  The stage programme began  invoking  God’s blessings by small prayer service by Fr. Anil.  The Chief guests of the day were Dr. Muralidharan , the Consultant physician at Nirmala hospital, Dr. Harisha D, psychiatrist and medical officer of the certre, and Shree Kumarswamy, lecture of Sahyadri college, Shimoga. They addressed the gathering by stressing on the importance of the drug free life. Fr. Fredrick Braggs, the director of the centre, welcome the guests and read the annual report. Mrs. Annamma thanked,  Ms. Elsie was  master of ceremony.  Stage programme was coloured by dance and mime act by the nursing students of nirmala hospital. Many sober addicts and their family members  and present beneficiaries were the main invitees. Sober addicts were recognized by the giving small gifts. Under the leadership of Fr. Prakash food was served to all.

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